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PlatWidget Interactive Plat Maps
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Interactive Plat Maps That Save You Time

PlatWidget Interactive Plat Map Software on Smart Phone

PlatWidget Interactive Plat Maps are a smart and mobile friendly way for home buyers to engage with your community and search available homes without leaving your website.

Whether you call them lot maps, site maps or plat maps, PlatWidget goes beyond typical interactive plat map software by providing tools that help you efficiently manage, market and track available lots and homes across your communities.

You’re in control with real-time marketing that takes full advantage of the images, videos and virtual tours you’ve collected for each of your homes. We strive to present home buyers with the information they need without leaving your website.

Want to learn more about how PlatWidget can strengthen your online marketing? Reach out and tell us a bit about your business.


Like to be in the know? Quick reports from PlatWidget are here to help. Stay informed about home & lot inventory, floor plan performance, home builder activity & more.


PlatWidget’s admin console keeps things simple. Work with lots from a searchable list or directly from your map. Update and share information anytime from your phone, tablet or desktop.


PlatWidget takes the work out of fitting your map into an existing webpage. It adapts automatically to its environment leaving you with a great looking map on any device. Learn more…

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Manage Your Inventory

With PlatWidget, managing your home and lot inventory is simple. Update status, information and images anytime from your phone, tablet or desktop.

Plat Map Renderings

Need a plat map rendering? We can provide you with a full vector SVG map or a colorful artistic rendering. If you already have a plat map rendering upload it to PlatWidget and use it! The choice is yours.

Interaction Metrics

Add your Google Analytics code to gain valuable insights on how home buyers engage and interact with your plat maps.

Boost Your Online Marketing

PlatWidget has a clean, user friendly design to help ensure that home buyers engage with your map and take in the information you share more effectively.

Share With Ease

Share your plat maps easily by using PlatWidget’s built-in sharing features. You’ll find everything you need to seamlessly add your plat maps to websites or share them to social media.

Get Informative Reports

What real estate marketing tool would be complete without reports? Quickly generate and export informative reports to CSV, Excel and PDF.

PlatWidget Interactive Plat Map software is a service created and offered by dean3Design, LLC.