New Lot History in PlatWidget

Ever wish you could look back to see what changed on a lot and when it changed? Now Pro and Premium subscribers can.

PlatWidget will keep track of changes to your lot, home and listing details for later reference. Each history entry includes the date and time changes were made along with the form used, details changed and the user who made the changes.

March Mapness at PlatWidget

PlatWidget makes new home management and marketing tasks a breeze, so you can focus on what you do best.

Spring is nearly here and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than with a March Mapness event. That’s right, March Mapness. It has nothing to do with basketball and everything to do with putting your new home marketing in top shape for the Spring selling season. During the month of March 2019, new annual subscriptions get 3 extra months of service at no charge. That means you’re covered until June of 2020!

Keep Your Home Sales Warm This Fall

Autumn is here! Falling leaves, sweaters and pumpkin spice everything will soon be the norm. Temperatures are beginning to drop as well. That means home buyers will be searching for homes from cozy indoor spaces with a laptop, tablet or smart phone in hand. It’s a good time to be sure your website is performing well and engaging your home buyers. PlatWidget can help.

An Empty Nest Is Only The Beginning

Spring is almost here and it’s the perfect time to search for a new home. Many home buyers have already begun their search. They might be looking for a better location, a bigger yard, more living space or a new lifestyle. Some just want to simplify. They’ve had a large space with plenty of yard, but now the kids are gone. They don’t want bigger, they’re looking for comfort and community. Do you build a home that fits that need? Let your home buyers know about it.

PlatWidget is here to help you guide home buyers to the right community with engaging, mobile-friendly interactive maps that showcase your community’s unique qualities and lifestyle.

Contact us today for spring pricing you won’t want to miss.

Spring 2018 Is On The Way!

There is something about springtime that brings home buyers out to find that perfect home. Maybe it’s the warm sunshine or that clear fresh air. Whatever the reason, PlatWidget is here to help guide them to your communities with engaging, mobile-friendly interactive maps. Contact us today for spring pricing you won’t want to miss.

Great community! But what’s nearby?

Wow, I love this place! What’s nearby?

So if I buy a home here, where do I go for groceries or take my kids to play? With PlatWidget your home buyers won’t have to figure this out on their own. You can list amenities and nearby places in a space dedicated to community information. You can also place informative markers right inside your map or create an entirely separate map of the surrounding area to show the destinations and treasures that await. Below are a few of the ways PlatWidget can help you keep your home buyers in the know.

Viewing Properties on PlatWidget

Viewing Options

PlatWidget offers two ways to view and edit your properties. There is a plat view, or map view, that provides a graphical display of properties and their current status or a table view that displays information in a data table much like a spreadsheet. Each view has its advantages and each allows you to edit the information linked to your properties in a similar way. Both views provide quick progress information and export options as well.

Lifestyle & Location Matter

Lifestyle & Location3

Few would argue that some of the most important factors in choosing a new home are location and lifestyle. That means the more informed your buyers are about what your community and it’s surrounding area have to offer the better. PlatWidget can help.

Responsive Is A Good Thing

The internet is mobile.

With the internet, and tech in general, becoming increasingly mobile it’s likely you’ve heard terms like “mobile friendly” and “responsive design” from the techie types in your circles. You also may be wondering what in the world those terms mean. Lend me your ear for a few moments, okay your eyes in this case, and I’ll do my best to fill you in.