New Lot History in PlatWidget

Ever wish you could look back to see what changed on a lot and when it changed? Now Pro and Premium subscribers can.

PlatWidget will keep track of changes to your lot, home and listing details for later reference. Each history entry includes the date and time changes were made along with the form used, details changed and the user who made the changes.

Great community! But what’s nearby?

Wow, I love this place! What’s nearby?

So if I buy a home here, where do I go for groceries or take my kids to play? With PlatWidget your home buyers won’t have to figure this out on their own. You can list amenities and nearby places in a space dedicated to community information. You can also place informative markers right inside your map or create an entirely separate map of the surrounding area to show the destinations and treasures that await. Below are a few of the ways PlatWidget can help you keep your home buyers in the know.

Lifestyle & Location Matter

Lifestyle & Location3

Few would argue that some of the most important factors in choosing a new home are location and lifestyle. That means the more informed your buyers are about what your community and it’s surrounding area have to offer the better. PlatWidget can help.

Responsive Is A Good Thing

The internet is mobile.

With the internet, and tech in general, becoming increasingly mobile it’s likely you’ve heard terms like “mobile friendly” and “responsive design” from the techie types in your circles. You also may be wondering what in the world those terms mean. Lend me your ear for a few moments, okay your eyes in this case, and I’ll do my best to fill you in.