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Few would argue that some of the most important factors in choosing a new home are location and lifestyle. That means the more informed your buyers are about what your community and it’s surrounding area have to offer the better. PlatWidget can help.

I’ll have that with a side of info please.

PlatWidget’s collapsible sidebar holds oodles of great information for your buyers. Show off the lifestyle and wow factor of your community with an image banner, slogan or quote, description text and an image gallery. List your amenities and nearby perks such as dining, coffee, shopping, education and more. Buyers can even open a Google map right inside PlatWidget to see the surrounding area, checkout street views or find directions.
Google Maps - Lifestyle

Google Map opened in PlatWidget

Google Street View - Lifestyle

Google Street View opened in PlatWidget

You’re in the driver’s seat.

We know information and marketing graphics can change as a community grows or continues to develop. With PlatWidget you’re in control of the information and images displayed to your home buyers. You can change or update them as often as you want through your admin console.If some of this sounds good to you we would love to hear from you. Send us a quick message for more information about PlatWidget. We’re happy to help. Contact Us.