Lot History in PlatWidget

New Lot History in PlatWidget

Ever wish you could look back to see what changed on a lot and when it changed? Now Pro and Premium subscribers can.

PlatWidget will keep track of changes to your lot, home and listing details for later reference. Each history entry includes the date and time changes were made along with the form used, details changed and the user who made the changes.

History entries can be viewed directly from the list view or from the Lot Action menu which can be accessed from the map view, various reports and the list view. In addition, a new category will be added to the Reports section in early December allowing you to drill down by date range, form, user and more.

History logging began on November 5th so it’s likely that you’ll already have a few entries available to view. Just look for the blue history icon.

Blue History Icon

To view lot history from the list view, click the history icon located to the left of the lot name. A blue icon indicates that the lot has history entries to view. If the icon is gray there is nothing to see, but you’re welcome to click it anyway.

Viewing lot history from the list view.

To view lot history from the Lot Action menu, open the menu from any standard location. A history icon will be visible in the menu header just beneath the lot’s name.

Viewing lot history from the Lot Action menu.

Reach out today to learn more.