PlatWidget on Phone

Responsive Is A Good Thing

The internet is mobile.

With the internet, and tech in general, becoming increasingly mobile it’s likely you’ve heard terms like “mobile friendly” and “responsive design” from the techie types in your circles. You also may be wondering what in the world those terms mean. Lend me your ear for a few moments, okay your eyes in this case, and I’ll do my best to fill you in.

Remember the days when your phone wasn’t so smart? A desktop or laptop computer was your standard option for viewing content on the internet. You had a nice big screen with lots of real estate and websites were designed with all that space in mind. These days you’re probably viewing webpages on a much smaller screen a good portion of the time.By default the browsers in many smaller devices automatically scale a website to fit the width of its own screen. That means a webpage designed to fit on a large desktop screen is now squeezed down to fit the screen on your phone. Claustrophobic anyone? That can make for some seriously small images and text. Sure you can zoom in and out and scroll around the page with your fingers, which is certainly cool, but honestly that doesn’t make for a very good user experience.

Responsive design makes for a better experience.

A better experience involves clear, readable content and scrolling only up or down to reveal additional content on the page. That’s where responsive design shines. A responsive webpage adapts to available screen space keeping things readable and looking well… awesome.Of course there are cases where a responsive design may not be necessary or even important as well. That’s why PlatWidget gives you the flexibility of sharing your interactive maps as fully responsive or at a fixed size. It’s your call. That means your maps will look great wherever you share them. The cool thing is that with PlatWidget it’s your call. You can even share your map to several websites at a time, each with its own unique settings. Another advantage to this flexibility is that you only need one map rendering. No matter how you configure PlatWidget your map will look just right.