Viewing Properties on PlatWidget

Viewing Options

PlatWidget offers two ways to view and edit your properties. There is a plat view, or map view, that provides a graphical display of properties and their current status or a table view that displays information in a data table much like a spreadsheet. Each view has its advantages and each allows you to edit the information linked to your properties in a similar way. Both views provide quick progress information and export options as well.

Plat View

PlatWidget - Map View Hovering

The plat view, or map view, is a good way to quickly grasp the overall progress of a community. The status of each property is indicated by its color and hovering over a property displays information such as the lot size, price and floor plan details. Click or tap a property to open the actions menu for editing.

Table View

PlatWidget - Table View

The table view is great for searching and sorting properties based on status, floor plan, home builder and more. Pricing, status and floor plan information is displayed in each row. Need to grab a quick list of available homes for a meeting? You can do that and export to CSV, Excel or PDF. To open the actions menu for editing, click the ellipsis […] icon to the left of each row.

Switching Views

Switching between the two views is simple. Just click the map title located in the breadcrumb navigation at the top of your screen.

Additional Info

Have questions about how PlatWidget can help you manage and market your lot and home inventory? Send a quick message or give us a call. We’re happy to help.

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