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Great community! But what’s nearby?

Wow, I love this place! What’s nearby?

So if I buy a home here, where do I go for groceries or take my kids to play? With PlatWidget your home buyers won’t have to figure this out on their own. You can list amenities and nearby places in a space dedicated to community information. You can also place informative markers right inside your map or create an entirely separate map of the surrounding area to show the destinations and treasures that await. Below are a few of the ways PlatWidget can help you keep your home buyers in the know.

The Info Tab

Listing amenities and nearby places on the info tab is a good way to provide plenty of information without overcrowding your map. The info tab can be displayed when your map is loaded or tucked away until your home buyers are ready to see it. The items listed are separated into stylized groups beneath the community description. The overall look and style can be customized to match your branding as well.

PlatWidget - Info Tab Nearby Places

Map Markers

Using symbols and markers within your map allows home buyers to see exactly where amenities and important places are located in relation to a property they may be interested in. Hovering over a marker displays engaging photos and information such as description, address, phone number and website.

Area Maps

If you’d like to provide information for places that are further away, an area map is a great way to do this. It’s your map, meaning only destinations that add value to your viewer’s experience need to be present. Home buyers can move around the map to learn about the area without the risk of getting lost or finding a competing community.

PlatWidget - Area Map

Additional Info

Have questions about how PlatWidget can help you manage and market your lot and home inventory? Send a quick message or give us a call. We’re happy to help.

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